With so many different flavours, recipes and ways to prepare, coffee is rightly considered a culture of its own. Here in Dubai, Al Khawaneej has become a hub for coffee lovers with its huge range of cafes and trucks.
There are so many ways to drink coffee here and lots of different presentation and ideas on what makes the perfect drink. In this video, Dubai Post visited three coffee shops in Al Al Khawaneej, where the owners shared their with us.

The owner of Saddle is Mohammed Al Falasi. He’s always bringing in new flavours of coffee for his customers to try. He says it’s important to stay creative and keep the quality high to survive in what is becoming a hugely competitive market.   


Ahmed Bakheet, the Saudi owner of Qahwaty, says that Dubai allowed him to fulfill his childhood dream of owning a café. He says coffee is his life’s love.   


Ahmed Al Al Kaitoob says that coffee is like perfume. The secrets to knowing a coffee’s quality is to drink it in its purest form, says the owner of Retro7.