Dubai Police: More Than Ferraris and Bentleys

By Mariam Al Yammahi

Video bySameera Obaid


‘Some people ask me to handcuff them just so they can ride in one of our luxury cars!’ said a policewoman who patrols Dubai in one of its supercars.

This is Dubai’s Tourist Police, which is striving to build an ‘informal and spontaneous’ relationship with tourists and residents.

The above-mentioned anecdote is just one of several such incidents experienced by the tourist police on their daily patrols.

The police officers who travel Dubai behind the wheel of a supercar tread a fine line between courteousness with tourists and their professional work, which requires skills and accuracy.

Second Lieutenant, Maitha Al Muhairi, says: ‘Tourists sometimes ask me whether I work as a model.  That is when I smile and tell them that I work with Dubai Police.’

These police patrols are usually found around Dubai’s popular tourist spots, giving newcomers to the city, a sense of safety and well-being.

First Sergeant, Hamda Al Jasmi, says: ‘I love my job, and not because I drive a luxurious car, but rather for the bridging the gap between tourists and Dubai Police.’

First Lieutenant, Khalifa Bin Humaidan, adds: ‘We love to reach people before they reach us.’


ByDubai Post


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