As the UAE and this region at large celebrates Mother’s Day today, Dubai Post speaks to several brave mothers who share intimate details of embracing the joys and the hardships that come with motherhood.

For Indian national Nazneen Yasin Qureshi, who is mother to the 10-week-old Ayra, the newfound joy of motherhood comes with a new adventure every day.

‘I dream up little stories for my baby girl,’ she says, calling those tales ‘Ayra’s Little Adventures’. ‘One day she meets a tiger, the next she gets lost in a forest.

‘There are so many dreams and hopes you knit together when you have a child. I have learned to appreciate my own mother so much more now.’

For young Emirati mother, Amna Butaleb, the first step into motherhood also comes with hard work.

She says: ‘I don’t think the reality set in, not until I was waking up in the middle of the night for feeds, or diaper change.

‘It was tough at first but the smile of my 2-month-old son outweighs the hardships.’

Palestinian national Areej Herbawi is eagerly awaiting Mother’s Day once again, especially after the surprise her two children had in store for her last year.

‘They surprised me with a bouquet of flowers, which they hid behind their backs,’ recalls Herbawi. ‘It was the best gift anyone could ever give me.’