Ibrahim Al Hammadi is proud to be the first Emirati train driver to work for "Etihad Rail", the developer and operator of the rail network in the United Arab Emirates.
“I always wanted to become a maintenance engineer. However, when I joined Etihad Rail, I saw all the different sectors and was drawn in the most to becoming the first Emirati train driver. I am very happy to achieve this, and I look forward to training future generations of Emiratis to join us in this vital sector field."
On the other hand, Maitha Al Remeithi expressed her pride as well for being the first Emirati woman to work as a train controller, and emphasized that this job contributed to enhancing her self-confidence and transforming her from the hesitant person to a more confident and leading person.
Etihad Rail is considered one of the vital and unique projects in the country. The first phase of the project was launched in 2016, as the company was assigned to transport granulated sulphur for Abu Dhabi National Petroleum Company (ADNOC), from the sources of production in the gas fields of " Shah" and " Habshan ", to the port of "Ruwais” from where it gets exported abroad. 
Currently, the company operates two trains, and each train transports about 11 thousand tons of granulated sulphur per day.