A Metal Experiment

In Dubai, it is not only about the diversity of the population, you could also see an art scene with its members from different nationalities gathering for the love of music. Desert Experiment is a series of concerts that gather rock and metal musicians, and provide them with a venue that enables them to create their own original songs, and play in front of an audience.

The 26-member band perform the Desert Experiment once a year; last April, they performed at the Majestic Hotel, and the concert turned into a carnival of celebration for the love of rock and metal genres.

‘I never saw myself playing in a rock or metal band, but because of the Desert Experiment I went on stage and did what I had to do,’ Waddeah Al-Meshkhas, a bass guitar player, told Dubai Post.

Gorgin Asadi, the founder of Desert Experiment describes the event as a ‘chance to gather those who have a common love for the music; we play together, and make friendships. That’s what we are about’.

Dubai Post


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