Dubai gathered the three friends Mark Chahwan, Jad Sayegh and Nadine Mezher to start their project "SARWA", which is opening the door to the modern and easy way of investment.

Mark and Jad were studying in Canada until one day they decided to start their own venture in an investment firm. After careful study of the economic market, they found that the ideal place to start it was in Dubai, where they saw a chance and an open door to start up this journey; they decided to take this chance, quit their jobs and moved to Dubai.

SARWA team is part of “FinTech Hive” program, launched by the Dubai International Financial Center, which helps finance projects in the field of finance and investment. SARWA makes it easier for people to start investing in easy steps and with a small amount of money. All you have to do is answer some questions that determine where and how much you want to invest.

"It is important to start investing today and planning for the future to get the necessary financial stability," says Mark Chehwan, Chief Executive of SARWA. "Investing needs patience, and there is no room for emotions, because if it controls you will not continue investing, and the secret to a successful investment is to try stand up after failing and try again and again,” he stressed.
"To be able to achieve your goals, you have to save money. Without money, you cannot start anything," said Jad Sayegh, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of SARWA.
Nadine Mezher, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder of SARWA, said they saw great potential in Dubai's financial market and that it was the perfect place to start such projects. Mark and Jad were not wrong when they chose this city to start up their project.
"I often asked when it's the right time to start investing, and I always answer: now!" said Mark.