The brains behind the Emirati brand, ‘Feathers’ manufactures bags, watches and perfumes.Basaid dreams of building a strong name that will rival famous international brands in the business.

Basaid himself designs most of the products under the Feathers brand; he likes to add a special Emirati imprint when he can.

The ‘UAE Watch’ is one such bestseller, which was released to mark UAE’s 45th National Day.

The brand name itself has been inspired by the peacock’s feathers, which Basaid describes as an amalgamation of colours and beauty, reflected in the products to suit everyone’s tastes.

He says: ‘I received a lot of discouragement at my launch, but I did not pay heed to them.

‘I was keen to hear positive opinions and interact with such people to develop my brand further.’

He adds: ‘Perseverance pays off for those who seek success to achieve their dreams.’