The Emirates’ young generation is committed to the development of the country. They’ve received help and they’ll help others along the way. Together, they’ll ensure prosperity for all in the UAE. To show you how that’s happening, we speak today to the young Emirati Suaad Al Hammadi, an employee at Sheikh Khalifa Specialty Hospital. She’s also an ambassador at the Youth Assembly to the United Nations. That means Suaad spends much of her time empowering youth. At the moment, she’s working on a project that supports Syrian refugees’ education.

“I’m very passionate about humanitarian projects and how we can help the least fortunate as UAE youth”, says Suaad.

“What makes me happy is the United Arab Emirates, and I’m not being biased because it’s my country. What I love about it is the tolerance, that there are many people from different backgrounds all blending in together. It’s a place where people don’t feel they’re different. It’s a place they can work very hard and it’s their home. It brings joy to me.”