"I always feel proud and excited because I am contributing to the strengthening of the historical and archaeological identity of Dubai." In these words, Noura Khoury, a restorer of artifacts at Dubai Municipality described her feelings about her job.

Noura has specialised in archeology from Cairo University and joined the Dubai Municipality team as a fresh graduate.

Her work starts after the excavation of artifacts by Dubai Municipality archeologists.

"First, I put a treatment plan for the antiquities so that we can restore it as much as possible to its normal condition.  We do that by using safe materials on the artifact depending on its types. For example, the materials used to restore pottery is different from copper and iron.”

Noura added that her biggest achievement is that she had restored an artefact that was a pottery jar with engravings of snakes, and the jar is currently displayed at the Louvre in Abu Dhabi, which makes her proud of itself.