Using pure silk and threads made of silver and plated gold, Abdullah Khalid have been crafting the Holy Kaaba’s cover or “Kiswah” for 32 years.

Craftsmen from different countries have excelled in making "Kiswah" throughout history, and since 1926, “Kiswah” has been crafted in Saudi Arabia’s King Abdul Aziz complex in Makkah.

In addition, “Kiswah” is made of 675kg of pure black and green silk and 100kg of gold-plated threads made of silver, which is used to stitch Quran verses on the fabric.  

A new “Kiswah” is placed on the Holy Kaaba every year during Hajj season, specifically on the day of Arafa, one day before Eid Al-Adha. May Allah bless the hajj pilgrims.