Mahvin Haghighat Joo didn’t think that her hobby as a photographer and her love for babies would turn into a career, but that’s exactly what happened when she came to live in UAE in 2004 and opened her own studio.
Her career started when one of her pregnant friends – knowing she was good at taking pictures - asked her for a photography session. Mahvin realised that it was what she wanted to do – far removed from her university studies in business.
 “I said ok… I was so excited to start doing it so I ordered the needed props and watched YouTube to learn more” she told Dubai Post. “I found that I really love this job, so I wanted to learn more about it”, she added.
Mahvin says that working with newborns is not easy and it is a very sensitive process. The newborn photographer needs to be extra careful when dealing with delicate little people, so all the props she uses are custom made specially for babies.
“Having an album of your baby is going to keep beautiful memories, which you can go back to whenever you want. That is why it is important to have pictures”.