The Lebanese journalist and TV Director of MBC, Ali Jaber, says Dubai is a place where he feels safe, relaxed and that the emirate has a beautiful family atmosphere.

Ali Jaber says his family always comes first and as a father of two, he insists on giving children a space to rely on themselves and learn from life. One of his sons is learning cinematic directing at Oxford University.

When it comes to his career, Ali Jaber loves his job, which he never thinks of leaving. "It is a beautiful field and television is another world. This work is far from boring or routine. Excitement is there all the time," he says.

One of Ali Jaber's favourite hobbies is cooking, and his favourite dish is pizza - he even made one for the Dubai Post team on our visit. Ali Jaber lives in a house far from the city and close to the desert. His home is filled with a lot of contemporary art, mainly down to his wife Tamara who’s a big fan of the work.

A lot of people know him as the tough judge from Arab’s Got Talent, a role he thinks he’s good at because he’s got a long career and a lot of experience with performers. He says working with people on things that they can do better isn’t mean, but part of a learning process and the best way for people to improve.

"I hope to stay in this field for a long time”, he says. I consider myself lucky."