23May 2017

‘A hobby which fulfils my spirit and passion for challenging.’ This is how the Emirati Rashid bin Howaiden describes

29Apr 2017

At 15-years-old, Ali Saleh Al Shunnar achieved his wish to climb the highest mountain in Africa. The young Emirati

13Apr 2017

‘Every bird knows its way home’ – a sentence that best describes Mohammed Al Johari’s passion for raising birds. Once a

05Apr 2017

‘If a person is determined to attain something in life, then nothing can prevent him from achieving it, despite

29Mar 2017

‘Dangerous paths take you to beautiful places’- a motto that Emirati photographer and adventurer Mohammed Ahli lives by

14Mar 2017

These geological formations may look like something from out of this world, but a closer look at these images will show