Photo: Harib: Emirati Cinema is Unique video more
Makhzoom Abbadi
04Jun 2019

After his famed animation series ‘Freej’ became an international hit, UAE showrunner Mohammad Saeed Harib is ready with

30May 2019

In Dubai, it is not only about the diversity of the population, you could also see an art scene with its members from

28May 2019

Jawaher Ahmed Al Ali, an archeologist at Dubai Municipality, feels that she is enriching the history of the UAE through

21May 2019

"I always feel proud and excited because I am contributing to the strengthening of the historical and archaeological

14May 2019

Saruq Al Hadid is considered to be one of richest historical sites in the Arabian Peninsula. It was discovered in 2002

07May 2019

The “Jumeira site” is one of the most prominent archeological sites in Dubai, the UAE, and the whole region. This is