16Sep 2020

Meet Harry Garland, a Dubai-based British expat who moved to the city of life in 2015 to pursue a career in Falconry.

13Aug 2020

In Dubai lies Salam Shaban, a professional home organizer & owner of “Tidy Mess”, a project that aims to manage

29Jul 2020

The Table Project has been a hot destination in Dubai where dozens of people from different backgrounds gather on a

07Jul 2020

Meet Safa Srour, a Digital Content Creator and Community Health Specialist in Dubai with 1.7 million followers on

30Jun 2020

Meet Dr. Naseem Mohammad Rafi, one of the most prominent personalities of the first line of defense in Dubai, who has

10Mar 2020

He first landed in the UAE year 1978 and mixed with the culture to a point where everybody living in Dubai knew who he

08Mar 2020

Kimi Akai is a Japanese lady who considers herself part of Dubai. Her first visit was back in 1977; she worked as a

01Dec 2019

“The 2nd of December 1971, has always been a happy day in the history of our nation” this is how His Excellency Zaki

28Nov 2019

Ramesh Shukla is an Indian photographer. You’ll be very familiar with one of his photographs: it’s been adapted and

25Nov 2019

Dubai gathered the three friends Mark Chahwan, Jad Sayegh and Nadine Mezher to start their project "SARWA", which is

19Nov 2019

Meet the famous Emirati daredevil Khalifa Al Mazrouei, the man who scours caves and climbs peaks for a living.

11Nov 2019

The turning point in Abdulla Al Hossam’s life was when he failed at high school; he isolated himself from people, felt

03Nov 2019

When he was a kid, he used to disassemble the parts of his toys to check how they were made, he would then try to

31Oct 2019

His Excellency Zaki Nusseibeh, Minister of State, described tolerance as the genetic code of Emiratis, stressing that

22Oct 2019

Firmly believing that tolerance is a mentality and way of life, two astounding Emirati business owners carried the UAE