11Mar 2019

Nisrine El Lababidi is a stylist and interior designer who turned her passion of decorating homes of relatives and

05Mar 2019

Fatima Rehman specialises in Arabic calligraphy, a form of art that only a few artists practice. Fatima, from Pakistan,

26Feb 2019

The Lebanese journalist and TV Director of MBC, Ali Jaber, says Dubai is a place where he feels safe, relaxed and that

20Feb 2019

‘One in every three bites that we have in our plate is polinated by bees’. According to a study published by the

Photo: HI DUBAI Episode 15 – CULTURE - Safia,  actress and goodwill ambassador for Middle East peace video more
Reza Rabaya
09Jan 2019

Safia Alemary is an Egyptian actress and Goodwill Ambassador of the International Federation for Peace and Sustainable

Photo: HI DUBAI Episode 26 – FUTURE – Samia, crime scientist video more
Reza Rabaya
08Jan 2019

In the last in the series of Hi Dubai, we meet another Emirati woman helping to shape the future of the UAE. Samia

Photo: HI DUBAI Episode 25 – FUTURE – Priyal, creative director video more
Reza Rabaya
07Jan 2019

In today’s Hi Dubai we follow Priyal Bhartia, the creative director of the ethical fashion brand Bina. It’s a heritage

Photo: HI DUBAI Episode 24 – FUTURE – Sharifa, consulting specialist video more
Reza Rabaya
06Jan 2019

Sharifa Naser Yateem is the first Emirati behavior analyst certified by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board. She

Photo: HI DUBAI Episode 23 – FUTURE – Amina, employer at Ministry of Education video more
Reza Rabaya
03Jan 2019

Amina Hasan Mohammed Almemari is an Emirati philanthropist and a mother-of-four. For many years she worked for Takatof,

Photo: HI DUBAI Episode 22 – Esmeralda, personal trainer video more
Reza Rabaya
02Jan 2019

Esmeralda Anton Lopez is a Spanish personal trainer who’s been living in Dubai for a year. “I always choose a healthy

01Jan 2019

From the tallest tower in the world, a woman sends messages of peace and love in an unusual way – through a cup of tea.

Photo: HI DUBAI Episode 21 – SPORT – Shahed, fencer video more
Reza Rabaya
31Dec 2018

Fifteen-year-old Emirati Shahed Ahmad Kharam is a fencing player for the national team. “I started fencing when I was

Photo: HI DUBAI Episode 20 – SPORT – Dareen, athlete video more
Reza Rabaya
30Dec 2018

Dareen Barbar is a Lebanese athlete and motivational speaker. She’s a mother-of-two and has lived in Dubai for eleven

Photo: This is who I am: Ninaa video more
Sameera Obaid & Mohammad Daif
27Dec 2018

I am a 9-year-old born and raised in the UAE. You could call me a hybrid; I am half-Italian, half Australian. Dancing

Photo: HI DUBAI Episode 19 – SPORT - Shamsa, Emirati endurance rider video more
Reza Rabaya
27Dec 2018

Shamsa Al Shamsi is a young Emirati mother-of-one. She loves endurance and finds her happiness in riding horses at Nad