08Oct 2019

Ayat Al Hasan is a young gold medalist and rhythmic gymnastics champion in Abu Dhabi, named and most commonly known as

07Oct 2019

Greg Shelton is a tandem instructor at Skydive Dubai. He finds passion in helping people feel the thrill of sky diving

01Oct 2019

From a very young age, the 15-year-old Hamad Al Bahari has always had a special relationship with birds, specifically

01Oct 2019

With so many different flavours, recipes and ways to prepare, coffee is rightly considered a culture of its own. Here

30Sep 2019

‘I knew from the time I was very little that I wanted to do something that was against the trend,’ confesses Dubai-

24Sep 2019

“Unwind” is a specialty board game café opened in Dubai by Vaihundan Paramalingam, his sister Hamsa Paramalingam and

22Sep 2019

The sky is the limit for this 8-year-old Emirati talented powerhouse, who dreams of leading an orchestra at Dubai Opera

22Sep 2019

Over the years, Marnie Turnor’s extended family has collected casts of their children’s hands that the Australian

18Sep 2019

“We’re grateful for living in this city, which gave us the impetus to fulfil our dreams”. With those words, Asha

25Aug 2019

Money is not everything for the young Nepalese Ramu Sunar. The respect and appreciation which he receives is a reward

21Aug 2019

Could you be depressed without even knowing? This isn’t shocking to me. After all, depression is the disease of the

18Aug 2019

Pitamber Nagji Parmar came to Dubai from India in 1956. Life in the emirate back then was difficult, however, Parmar

31Jul 2019

“Mixed cultures and close friendships among different nationalities. This is what happens in Dubai,” says Villarreal de

15Jul 2019

Since childhood, he had a dream to grow up and become a marine mammal specialist. And he was lucky to be able to

11Jul 2019

I am proud to have witnessed all of Dubai’s development within the past 37 years,’ says Al-Fateh Al-Toum, a Sudanese