04Sep 2017

Gisele Mendoza, or ‘Alia’a, came to Dubai with her family in 2010, and fell in love at first sight with the city. She

02Aug 2017

‘The first six years of a child's life shapes 80% of his personality,’ says Zainab Khalifa, founder of Vernus Early

12Jul 2017

Kyrgyz artist Azmet Dzhanaliev has spent a large part of his life travelling around the world, in a bid to promote

05Jul 2017

It is not every day one hears of someone leaving behind a successful career in aviation to launch a small business in

04Jul 2017

Cinema Akil is not your typical multiplex in a mall. It is a travelling cinema, one that attracts a special type of

08Jun 2017

A British mom of Sri Lankan origin celebrates her family’s birthdays and special occasions in a unique and different